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The idea of ​​our E-COMMERCE venture was born from the desire of years to: generate employment, empowerment, restore the spirit of self-improvement, develop the ability to be self-taught, in a difficult environment where we originate from and in which we all do business in the same way.
Which generates low economic level in our population, with its serious consequences.

At TOOBECOMM we carry out atypical businesses for our esteemed neighbors, which brings as positive effects: zero competition with our close ones and that over time we will be able to help more people to produce local wealth, since this style of entrepreneurship has the particularity that we love: “There is room for everyone.” Since our market target is almost global.

Marco Tulio Rivera Alemán, CEO of TOOBECOMM firmly believes all of the above due to his 29 years of experience in the business world.
This owed to his vision and entrepreneurship spirit.
The observation of clients and their continuous evolution has led us to mutate naturally, without fear of change. Nevertheless , change is the global constant, and you have to accept it to survive and succeed.

As our primary objective, Toobecomm focuses on quality customer service, offering them excellent products, patient, respectful, careful and honest care. With merchandise that makes your needs fully satisfied.


Show that thinking outside the box has always been the formula for success. Strongly embracing in our work values such as: Ethics, Honesty, Innovation, Discipline and Tenacity, we will do it!

In a world where very few people practice all of the above, our group will make a difference. Well, we have the CONVICTION that practicing these values is the ONLY path to the integral realization of the human being, and in this way be Light in the world.


Turn us into businessmen of the latest generation, and at the same time recover the practices of honor, excellence and trust, which our market so badly needs. And with this behavior to grow our company, and as a natural consequence: generate solid jobs, spiritual and economic wealth in the long term for all.